sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


Foundation project at Central St. Martins 2005/2006 for Illustration class. We had to make 8 coffecups for bricklane telling a made up story. This is my story.
"In Bricklane, there's a coffee shop... with a man... who's a crazy scientist! You know the story of Frankenstein? Well, this isn't it. Whatever enters the coffee shop... comes out looking different... A pitbull came in... and came out looking like this! Bob walked in... and a monster came out! This WAS a man sitting at the coffee shop... Come join us for a coffee in Bricklane!"


So... it's a saturday night... my parents are out of town... I have the whole house to myself... and I dont know what to do... I don't even feel like tirar la casa por la ventana... somethings wrong with me... It's a transitional period in my life... I know this year is gna be about changes... so yeah here I am trying to change a couple of things that I'm not pleased with... either with myself or my environment. This feeling leads me to go through old stuff... I guess I'm feeling a bit melancholic... but it's a positive melancholy cause I'm gna do what I always want to do but never have time for... upload some old work from back in the days where I was drawing alot more...

The work above was a caratula for college for Introduccion a la comercializacion (MKT in other words). We had to do some research for which was the top brand of tennis shoes and talk about some new techonology (we chose the PS2) in the market. The characters illustrated were the members of my group, including my dog, Apollo.

Wow! I just realized this is from my first semester. Currently in the 6th semester of mkt and advertising... got a year and half left b4 graduating. I cant wait!!!

miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009


After the rush of adrenaline caused by the last minute, of hardcore improvisation (using gum instead of play dough), our photographer almost burning his hand off, not sure if Mela would show up on that Friday, 2 hours before we had to turn in the pieces; me overdosing on hysteria and desperation and a whole weekend in standby, a weekend that seemed an eternity, along came monday, and along came tuesday… the day of the results.

According to our Art Director, we could win. Did we believe it? I don’t know, but his belief in us was enough of a boost to get us going and participate.

Yesterday, the results of the MARATON FIAP PARA JOVENES CREATIVOS 2009 were published. We didn’t win but at least we tried. According to the jury, our work was very much appreciated but the problem was that our three pieces touched on only one subject: the burning of trees. The pieces that won touched on three different subjects: electricity, water, and paper. Consuelo de pobre: at least we got a good piece for our portfolios.

Para la versión en español hagan click aquí.