viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010


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Monday, a week after the Asuncion Fashion Week, the people in charge of the event "Paraguay Alta Moda" contact us. They tell us that Converse wants to go on the runway with Tuakana. That same night we had to confirm our presence. Things are not that easy though.

This was our chance to fix everything we did wrong for the Asuncion Fashion Week. The Autumn/winter 2010 collection was ready for the show. We were more organized. Anita y Aissa were in charge of the clothes this time. This show was gonna be more focused to what we were actually going to sell in the The Jeans Market store. We're a creative team and we enjoy being active, specially if it's with a cool brand like Converse. Behind The Jeans Market though we got the directors that financially support the project so there's a whole process between mails and so forth to accept offers.

We managed to unite de industrial team that works at the factory together with the store's creative team. It's amazing though how when you organize yourself there is less madness. In comparison to the last fahshion show we were a lot cooler, less stress.

One of the things I enjoy the most in the world is abolute creative freedom and working with people who understand that is priceless. Talking to @cesanz, he asks me "Did you enjoy making videos?"

Yup I did. I loved playing the role of video blogger in the last backstage. In school I did musicals and theater, took drama clases so I'm not really afraid of getting in front of the public. I love it. It comes naturally. I love improvisation, and putting yourself in front of a camera is alot of fun.

Making videos isn't that easy though. You're giving the world the best of you. It takes courage. Taking the risk, playing, enjoying, learning. It's a whole process, specially if you don't have an editor at your disposal. Thanks to the experience though I'm learning how to edit. It's great, one more plus to my multifunctionality.

So yeah. These are the backstage videos of the Converse/Tuakana Fashion show for the event "Paraguay Alta Moda 2010. It's a total of four videos that I'm re editing (adding english subtitles). Here's the first one finished.

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