jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010


It's amazing how things happen. Got dirty nails from painting on walls. The feeling behind is like leashing a mad dog. "Go".

Showing a child a lollypop and not giving it to them, is just cruel. Now we don't fuck with people's feelings. That's just wrong. Hell of a no no.

But what can we do when things have gotten out of control?

When the world is beating to the sound of a song that goes something like "shake that thing" at an 8.8 scale?

But wait. Beats are not measured like that. Something's wrong. And my head begins.

In Peru, when we finally arrived to Machu Picchu's valley, Aguas Calientes, we were dead tired. So as soon as we arrived to our hostel everyone passed out.

But i couldn't sleep. I had dirty laundry to take care of. I was wearing the last set of clean clothes and if I didn't get my laundry going now, God knows when it would have been. Plus I had to change money so I took a walk through the city.

Aguas Calientes is tiny. Everything is close. There's a little piazza at the middle of the city where everything happens. All the restaurants are around it and in Aguas Calientes restaurants exchange money.

In case you didn't know in Peru they negotiate everything. So I got down to business.

At the second restaurant a lady made me sit down at a table with an old bearded man sitting at the other side.The money exchanger.

As soon as we are done exchanging money, he asks me if I believe in the church. I tell him "no, but I do believe in God."

And there he began. He began speaking to me about the bible. He brought a bible and a notebook where he took notes of the bible. The man had been studying it for over years now.

In my head I ask myself, "am I trying to be converted, AGAIN?"

He goes on about the apocalypse. I like the apocalypse.

The man mentions something about the people of God being Israelis. Good news is you can convert to Israeli.

I ask him what about metaphysics. Buddhism. Nature. Astrology?

Cuzco is known as the belly of the world. In spanish "El ombligo del mundo".

This man is peruvian. Peru is the home of the Incas. He believes in all the mysticism of the place and the world, it's part of the culture. According to him when the world was one, Peru and Israel broke off each other. And when the world ends, when the Messiah shall come, salvation will be in the "ombligo del mundo", at the heights. Machu Picchu is 2,300 meters above sea level. It's crazy how that city was built. The Incas were master engineers and architects. There are rocks that have around 34 angles. The more angles the more resistant to earthquakes. Machu Picchu is in a seismic zone.

I mention 2012, the Mayan calendar, the era of pisces and the era of aquarius. The cosmic alignment. He mentions another man and shows me pamphlets of all his talks. This man had predicted all the disasters that have been taking place in the world till now. And he tells me there is one earthquake missing. The target: Peru.

Where am I going with all this? I was in peru a month a half ago or so. And the earthquake in Chile struck only some days ago. The whole Pacific Ocean was in panic of a tsunami. The world is angry. Haiti. Indonesia. Something is wrong.

And here in Paraguay, we are landlocked. We are not a seismic zone; Paraguay is very plain. An according to our Graffiti Workshop's schedule we were supposed to paint on Saturday. We didn't. Why? Because it rained.

In Paraguay it rains a lot for a little while and eventually it stops and either it gets hotter or colder. That Saturday it rained all day long without stopping. We didn't paint cause it rained all day long. It's like showing a little kid a lollipop and not giving it to them. That's how we do not fuck with people's feelings. Is it just cruel? Can we really control what's happening?

I guess it's the era of the #Tsunami Children. Is the world really gonna end? Are we really gonna die? Do you agree? Disagree? Should we ignore this? Give the Express train a ride ;).

Dsign by Punkgodangell.

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anibal dijo...

theres still people outside who believe that global warming isnt a threat... or that the fact that were running out of water and that pollution its at its peak, everything will work out they think... the only to actually make a diference and try to change whats going on.. is if we all put our grain of sand... thats why is so hard... thats why things are going the way they are... cuz is a collective task... and it really isnt "cool" to care for our earth apparently... i wonder... how much more do people have to see before they can really comprehend whats going on...

Marcelo Monzón dijo...

Si, creo en el fin del mundo. Obvio. Si nosotros tenemos fecha de vencimiento, ¿porque no la tendría nuestra casa? El tema es que creo que falta mucho para que nuestra casa se desmorone. Ojo estamos haciendo un excelente trabajo en intentar demolerla pero ella es fuerte, tiene buenos cimientos. De cualquier manera nos esta demostrando que debemos parar nuestra escalada hacia su destrucción, principalmente porque en realidad es hacia la nuestra. Si no fuese porque es muy doloroso, me descostillaría de la risa con los argumentos de EEUU, y el grupo de los 8 (¿?), de que aun no es tan malo lo que esta pasando… ¿La idea es llegar a que sea?
Mayas, egipcios, y hasta Michel de Nôtre-Dame (Nostradamus), nos vienen avisando que el final esta cerca. No lo creo en su concepto general, pero si creo que está más que cerca, y si no lo está, tendría que estarlo, ya que el mundo está muy lleno de porquería. Desgraciadamente ésta porquería sería la última en sentir las consecuencias del fin del mundo, mas que por su prepotencia, por su propia ignorancia.
Alguna vez fui espiritista (aunque algunos prefieren llamarlo espiritualista) muy ligado a la doctrina de Allan Kardec, y, mas allá de que todo en este planeta es cíclico, creo que tendremos oportunidad de volver en algún momento y reparar las cosas que hicimos mal, pero el problema va a ser cuando no tengamos donde volver. Y honestamente, no creo que la tierra pueda resurgir cual ave Fénix… Es una pena.

punkgodangell dijo...

jajajaja me mato lo de fecha de vencimiento xcelente!!! yo creo que vamos a entrar en xtincion en algun momento no se nomas si ya pero pronto! y no va a haber mas nada que se pueda hacer... it's gna be too late